Spoof Bada 2.0 paid apps

Got to know about spoofing apps and games in bada 2.0 firmware. If you are still users of bada 1.2 and if you wish to spoof apps click here.  Easy 20 steps given to spoof the apps to your wave bada 2.0.


Download the app which you like to install. Download here. [this is an external link]

You need to have the Bada Apps Signature tool. Download the tool here.

Extract the zip and copy the file BadaCertificate.cer to your memory card.

Disconnect the phone from your PC/Laptop and install the certificate just transferred to your phone. Now, we are ready to install the app to your Wave device.

20 simple Steps given below:

1. Extract your downloaded app to any location.
2. Run BadaAppsSignature tool.
3. Oh! that’s No English. Yeah just follow the instructions given, all should be fine.
4. Click on the right button as given in the below screenshot.

5. In the explorer box opened, navigate to the bin folder of any app you have downloaded.
6. Select the *.exe file of that App. Here in the screenshot I have selected DefenG.exe in bin folder of the app.

Likewise select the resp. exe of the app you wanna install.

7. Click on Open after you’ve selected the .exe file.
8. Click on the button highlighted in the below screenshot to process.

9. After clicking on the button, navigate to the app folder. The Bada signature should have created a new Signature(2).xml file for you.
10. Delete the old ‘Signature.xml’ file and rename ‘Signature(2).xml’ to ‘Signature.xml’.
11. Now, Open your app/game folder and select Info [folder]. Look for the the manifest.xml file and open it with notepad or any text editor.

12. You should see the ID of the app like this.

13. Copy the Id and rename your app folder with the ID copied. If the folder name is already holding the ID name, leave jus like that.
14. Connect your Wave device to the PC/ laptop in Mass storage mode.
Note: Activate mass storage: Menu->settings->connectivity->USB utilities->MassStorage
15. Copy the app/game folder which we’ve renamed to the location “Drivename:\Others\__@@bada_applications@@__\” of your phone’s memory card.
16. Once copied, Safely remove the wave device and change the installation location in your phone to memory card.
Note: Menu->Settings->General->Installation Location->Memory Card
17.Now connect your wave device back to your PC/Laptop in Kies mode.
18. Open the BadaAppsSignature tool and select the second tab.

19. Enter the ID of the app copied to the Wave device in the text box given in the dialog box.
20. Select the option given in the drop box, Click on the button in the right of the box.

Hurray! We’ve done with the spoofing. Now its time to enjoy the app/game installed.

Note: I have seen that very few apps are not compatible with this method.

Do trial and err to enjoy some awesome apps.

  • Mononeurone

    Tested with Twinblades and it doesn’t work.

  • Mononeurone

    Does not work enough with Uno (damn !)

  • ariya

    step 16 : Installation Location->phone ! and it worked for me!

  • Mato

    Its not possible for FruitNinja…i was treied set instalation location for phone and card…

  • Motmot

    Does it work without using memory card?

  • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

    It should work in phone memory too, try !!

  • Motmot

    I’m having problems with the final steps, whenever I press the last button it shows that BadaAppsSignature error “Unhandled exception has occured in your application.” Or something, and the process fails. I’m also trying to do this with Defen-G..

  • Motmot

    Oh and I’m using memory card too now. Same error. :(

  • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

    btw, what is your firmware installed ?? Defen-G works fine in my device…

  • Motmot

    Official Bada 2.0 firmware for wave 1. :)

  • rafalkie

    działa na bada 2.0 narazie pes 2011 zainstalowałem

    • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

      try english rafalkie :D thanks

  • Maheshwar

    i tried to install a app using dis method but after last step step the phone shows installation failed :error code:0112 help me please

    • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

      Some apps throw this error 112. We have to trail and err with the variety apps available, Cheers

  • Maheshwar

    sir i have another problem . when i connect my phone to stune it only loads upto 50 % and then it stops can u tell me what is the problem hope u can help me

    • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

      Hey, This is an issue with the firmware, I guess! :(

  • Maheshwar

    so do this have any solution ?

  • nishad

    My whole process is done but no app icon comes in the menu and i cannot find it..help

    • http://www.xploresam.com Stephen Sam

      May be an issue with the firmware! btw, what is the firmware you are using ?