Pandigital -7inch tablet

Pandigital has announced its new Android tablets. The Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star will all hit shelves this month, each features the 7-inch touch screen 800 x 480 on the Star; 800 x 600 on the Planet and Nova), WiFi, Barnes & Noble’s eBookstore app preloaded, and both WiFi and HDMI connectivity.

The starting price of the tablet is $159, the price suggests that we are not looking at Honeycomb. the Planet and Star each run Android

2.2 Froyo, while the Nova steps up to 2.3 Gingerbread. Pandigital tells us that future firmware updates are in the pipeline, but it’s unclear whether that will ever include a step up to Google’s tablet-centric Android branch.

Both the Planet and Star have 2GB of integrated memory, while the Nova doubles that to 4GB; there’s a microSD card slot and USB On-The-Go support, though with a mini USB port you’ll need an adapter if you want to plug in a regular thumb-drive or peripherals. There are apps for email, browser, the camera for stills and video and the OfficeSuite Viewer for opening documents.The Pandigital Planet (R70A200) is on sale today for $189, while the Pandigital Nova (R70F400/ R70F452) will arrive this week for $189. The Pandigital Star (R70B200) will follow on in mid-August for $159.