How to Spoof BADA paid apps !!

This will be a coolest thing you would like to know about how you can use paid apps for free. So, you have your BADA phone and wondering how to pay out for those highly priced games, utils, etc., Check this out the new spoofing method from the bada pl team. Follow the steps to install apps for free.

Read it, Spoof it and have alot fun.

Before going forward some prerequisite

1. Download the apps from here [this is an external link]
2. Download the app which you like to install. Download here. [this is an external link]

Step 1 :

Connect your BADA phone with your PC/ Laptop through Samsung kies. Check whether your device name is shown in the kies.













Step2 :

Now, open the applist application which you have downloaded from the link provided above. The application will look something like this….














Once you’ve opened the application, click on the second tab of the application ‘tab.oapcrk’.

Step 3 :

Have you download an app which you wanna install? If not get one for yourself from the link provided in the start of this post.
For demonstration I have downloaded the Skyforce app from that link.

Peek into the folder and you should see some folders and a xml file. Select all off em and zip it. Check out the screenshot, after the zipping completed you should have the files like this….










Step 4 :

Keep your zipped location opened up in one end and the app the other end. Now,  you have to drag and drop the zip file onto the applist application. Like this….













Step 5 :

Goto kies, Download a free less size application and Click on Install. I have downloaded a free app Digiclock and installed it.


Now, you should see two application being installed in your wave device. Wait until the download is complete.

Step6 :

Its done. Enjoy spoofing BADA apps.

PS: If you have downloaded BADA 2.0 firmware to your wave device, sorry this method dint work. ( people still having BADA 1.2 versions on your wave device, can try this and enjoy )

  • Sam