How to Reset Nexus 7 tablet to factory settings?

Coz my Nexus 7 was already configured with another account, I just wanted to erase the data before Getting Started. I just did a Factory reset to bring back my Nexus 7 as it was when shipped. Let’s start with how to reset Nexus 7 Tablet. There may be various reasons for you to reset your tablet. Some may have a reason like mine, you feel your Nexus 7 is a bit laggy or not smooth or may be you give the device to your dear ones. It is always perfect to erase your data and give it fresh to other user.

Before you reset the device make sure you backup all your datas. Follow these steps to Backup reset your Nexus7 to Factory settings.

Step 1:
Go to Menu -> Settings .

Step 2:
Browse through and tap on Backup & reset option.

Step 3:
Now, you can backup the datas and apps by checking the box against Back up my data. If you check the Automatic restore option, it will restore the apps & datas for you when you sign up to the device using the same account. Tap on Factory data reset from the screen.

Step 4 :
Next page will warn you that the reset will erase all the datas from your device. If you are sure to reset your tab hg ahead and hit the Reset Tablet button in the bottom.

Hit on Erase everything in the next screen- Now the device will reboot and start to erase its memory. Once the erase is down your Nexus 7 will be as new as when it was shipped.